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It really was a pleasure in every way: The choice of the unusual repertoire, the varied structure of the program, the developments on stage from the very first moment, the flowing passages connecting one song to another, the aesthetic ‘look’ of the choir, [...] the varied and moving directions to the choir members, and precise execution of the pieces in all their variety of styles. I was very happy to hear [...] all the subtleties of emotion expressed in the work in the singing of your choir. The piece by Hagar Kadima was presented with great force to the audience in all its complexity. [...] "In my garden" (Begani) moved me to tears and “Prayer for Rain” (Tfillat Hageshem) caused the rain to actually fall for two hours non-stop, concluding with a wonderful rainbow stretching across the sky. [...] Charming!!! It was a simply lovely experience.
הדס שטורמן.jpg

Hadas Shturman

Choir Conductor

During the past year I was honored together with the Israeli Brass Quintet to participate in a special and unusual concert with the Udiana Choir and its conductor, Anat Aharoni. The concert was originally constructed with difficult and challenging materials. In every concert they sang beautifully at a very high standard. We finished each concert with a feeling of wonder that we had just experienced something deep and meaningful. I warmly recommend this amazing choir. Their seriousness, the level of singing, and the depth of their work make them a choir of the first degree in Israel, and worthy of significant support.

Barak Yavin

Manager of the Conservatory of Music at Mevasseret Zion and member of the Israeli
Brass Quintet

Once again I had the opportunity to work with this excellent group. It is clear to me that the choir has strengthened and become worthy of praise, and is even more musical and exciting. I have no doubt that they deserve all the encouragement and support they need to fulfill their wonderful potential. I expect that with the choir’s high vocal level, with the correct cultivation, together with their energetic and very talented conductor, Anat Aharoni, will surely bring great happiness to young and old audiences, and as a result they will make a huge contribution to the vocal arena in Israel.

Aharon Harlap

Conductor and Composer

In an interview with Anat Aharoni on the 'Silence' programme

Dani Orstav

  Broadcaster & musical editor

on 'Kol Hamisika'

I strongly recommend going and participating in the experience.

The performance is not just about silence and noise, but actually brings the audience into a shared experience with the performers. It is built in such a way that there are no breaks between the songs, and there is no applause. There is a continuous experience of clean and amazing playing of the Israeli Brass Quintet. great choir singing, lighting and precise choreography. You find yourself in a strong, deep listening experience.

You are the silence ... You are the noise ...

And it's not easy to get quality like this.

This is not an ordinary performance. It's a deep inner experience.

Beyond that, the materials are very interesting, very unusual - but charming and harmonious in their own way. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Thanks.



Einat Zigelman


Stanley Sperber


A few months ago I attended a very special concert by the Kolot Hasadeh (Udiana) Choir at the Scottish Church in Jerusalem. The concert, titled "Song to the Land", contained a repertoire dealing with the earth from all corners of the globe – a repertoire full of innovation and imagination.

The choir sang at a professional level and also presented very interesting movements while singing. The choir managed to enthral the audience from the beginning of the evening to its end.

Anat Aharoni, who studied choral conducting at the academy, is an excellent conductor who makes no compromises in her work with her choir, and this is reflected throughout the concert.

In addition to this, she composed the most impressive piece of the concert.

I warmly recommend her and her chorus and support their future endeavors.

Many thanks for the wonderful concert! It is a beautiful program and the direction of the content is lovely. I have the greatest respect for your high quality work, which is evident in every detail. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of the piece! It is so much fun to work with you!

Eitan Steinberg


The program is beautiful, interesting, varied, and undoubtedly a real challenge. The chorus has its own ‘color’, and it is beautiful, and its members respond to what you ask of them. You, Anat, are radiant and radiating, and the choir responds, and it is so wonderful to see and hear. [...] Regards, and thanks for the lovely evening.

Rika Bar Sela

Editor, Kol Hamusika

I had the opportunity more than once in the past few years to listen to the singing of this choir in live concerts throughout the country. On each occasion I was most impressed by the results of Anat's work. She sets the bar high for her singers, which is expressed by the homogenous, clean, stylized singing and unique vocal aesthetics.

Michael Shani

 Conductor and Musical Director

The performance of the choir was certainly one of the best surprises I had at this year's music festival. [...] In some of the songs, Anat combined movement that perfectly matched the ability of the choir singers and conveyed a communal spirit, a genuine enjoyment of the ensemble's artistic work, and human warmth that touched the hearts of the audience.

Dr. Michael Wolpe

Composer and Pedagogue