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I was born in 1965 in Haifa; the youngest daughter of a well-to-do Israeli family. Today I live on Kibbutz Harduf and am married with four sons.

My father was the late composer and arranger Michael Aharoni. He was employed by the Egged bus company while spending much of his spare time working with vocal ensembles. The musical accompaniment to my early years was a group of six men who rehearsed in our home. As a child, I fell asleep to the sounds of their singing, which struck me as simply magical.

From an early age, I was immersed in piano, harmony, and composition. After my army service, I studied
mathematics at the Hebrew University and orchestral and choir conducting at the Jerusalem Academy of Music
and Dance. I was privileged to have Mr. Mendy Rodan as my mentor, and to study with Prof. Mark Kopytman,
Lev Boguslavsky, and Avner Itai. Some ten years later, I continued on to a master's degree in choir conducting
at the Jerusalem Academy with Mr. Stanley Sperber.

After completing my undergraduate degree in 1986, I began devoting my professional career to conducting

In addition to the Udiana Choir, since 2007 I have conducted the Shirat HaEmek Choir at Givat Ela, including
roughly 50 singers from the Galilee and Jezreel Valley. The choir is highly regarded, singing varied material and
performing throughout the country. For many years I worked at the Waldorf Harduf High School, where choir
singing is an integral part of the school program, especially in the twelfth grade, and wrote original music for the
high school performances. Simultaneously, I worked at the Hiram rehabilitation Center for mentally ill people in
Harduf for over a decade, conducting a choir comprised of staff and members of the rehabilitation program.


The choir culture in Israel is important to me; therefore, I am active in the Hallel Israeli Choir Association.

In addition to composing, arranging, and conducting, I have always been attracted to exploring the mysteries of
the human voice, to penetrate the secrets of my personal voice, and to help the singers in my choirs. I studied
singing for many years with many expensive teachers. I find that inner work and use of the body are inseparable
parts of this search. Since 2016 I have taught private singing lessons.